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BHS Crew Medals at Youth Nationals 2016

Bronze for the Pair

Bronze for the Pair at Youth Nationals 2016

Winding up another stellar year for the entire Berkeley High School crew team, the women’s pair of Lena Bertozzi and India Robinson earned a bronze medal at this year’s Youth Nationals Championships in West Windsor, New Jersey!

The Four Finishes Fourth in the Nation

BHS Crew at Youth Nationals 2016

After finishing fourth at the Regional Championships, the coxed four (Josie Byer, Elisa Forbes, Chloe Schalit, Lena Bertozzi, India Robinson) spent a few nail-biting days waiting to see if their petition to participate in the national championships would be accepted. However any doubt that our 4+ belonged on the national stage was quickly dispelled as the ladies produced impressive results in the heats and semifinals, and went on to wrap up the year as the fourth best team in the USA!

Representing Berkeley High School…

Here are a few more photos and videos, to give you a feel for what it was like to be at the event:

BHS Crew at Youth Nationals 2016

A little fun for everyone, after a year of hard work:


Strategizing before the four’s final:

Preparing for the Final

Our team tent was right next to the finish line:

BHS Crew Tent at Youth Nationals 2016

Video of the four after qualifying in their semifinal:

Video of the pair & coaches receiving the bronze medal:

Berkeley High Crew Returning to Nationals

Berkeley High Crew is proud and excited to be returning to Youth Nationals in 2016.  This year we are sending two crews: The Women’s Pair and Four.  The regatta runs from Friday, June 10 to Sunday, June 12, on Lake Mercer, NJ.

Want to help our student-athletes at Nationals?  Please make a donation here.

See our Race Schedule / Results Page for links to the schedule and results.

Youth National Championships Results

Mens Ltwt Youth 2x              6th place in B Final
Leon Maurer and Elliott Meldrum
Mens Youth 2x                         5th place in C Final
Zach Alter and Val Fan



Women Youth 2-      2nd place in A Final
India Robinson and Lena Bertozzi
Women Youth 4+      1st place in B Final
Chloe Schalit, India Robinson, Lena Bertozzi, Josie Beyer and Elisa Forbes


Nationals cheat sheet

Here is some useful information if you are trying to keep track …

5 Mens Ltwt Youth 2x Maurer
6 Mens Youth 2x Alter
7 Womens Youth 2- Robinson
12 Womens Youth 4+ Schalit

Friday Heats
5 – Maurer        3rd place – going to Rep
6 – Alter              6th place – going to Rep
7 – Robinson    2nd place – straight to Semi
12 – Schalit       1st place – straight to Semi

Saturday – Rep
5 – Maurer       1st place – going to Semi
6 – Alter            5th place – going to C Final

Saturday – Semis (top 3 to A Final others to B Final)
5 – Maurer       6th place – going to B Final
7 – Robinson   2nd place -going to A Final
12 – Schalit      4th place – going to B Final

Sunday – Finals

5 – Maurer –  Mens Ltwt Youth 2x       B Final  – finished 6th place

6 – Alter – Mens Youth 2x                         C Final  – finished 5th place

7 – Robinson – Womens Youth 2-        A Final  – finished 2nd place

12 – Schalit – Womens Youth 4+          B Final  – finished 1st place !!!


2nd place womens youth 2-

2nd place womens youth 2--

2nd place Womens  Youth 2-



1st place women's youth 4+

1st place Womens Youth 4+