Amid bustling holiday shopping, Berkeley High Crew’s annual Row-a-Thon took place Saturday, December 13 on Fourth Street in Berkeley. Eighty rowers and coxswains, from our novice, varsity, men’s and women’s teams, turned up to show off their might and rowed nearly 350,000 total meters on rowing machines or “ergs”. In addition to being our most important fundraiser, this year’s Row-a-Thon was a great chance for families and friends to see our student-athletes at work up close.  Spectators quickly got an idea of how much skill and finesse it takes to synchronize rowers in a boat and were able to appreciate what can be hard at times to see from shore: the strength, effort and stamina it takes to row!

Rowathon on Fourth Street

The Row-a-Thon (formerly known as the Erg-a-thon), raises funds to help keep rowing accessible to all Berkeley High students and to cover the considerable cost of boats and oars, travel to races, rent at our boathouse and other expenses. It is never too late to donate to the Row-a-Thon!

Berkeley Crew Rowathon Bake Sale
Parents stand guard over the bake sale.