Summer Camps 2017

2015 LTR CampEstablished in 2009, Berkeley High Crew’s summer rowing program offers local students, ages 11 and up, a chance to try this unique, growing sport with the Berkeley High School Crew coaches and current team members.

We offer three weeks of Learn-To-Row camps for new rowers, and Varsity camps for experienced Berkeley High rowers. Registration is limited to 30 or 40 participants.


Week #1: June 19 – 23   (Registration CLOSED)
Week #2: July 17 – 21   (Registration CLOSED)
Week #3: August 21 – 25   (Registration closes August 7)


Varsity Camps: 8 am – 11 am
Learn-to-Row Camps: 12 – 3 pm

Come out and try rowing with us, or explore Lake Merritt Rowing Club’s Summer Youth Rowing program. More information at the bottom of this page.

Learn-to-Row Camps (Noon – 3pm)

Our Learn-to-Row camps are designed for new or inexperienced rowers, ages 11 and up. No experience required. Sign up for one or more camps.

Registering for Learn to Row Camps
  1. Complete the online registration via links below.
  2. Complete a swim test. Proof of swimming proficiency is required to participate in the camp. Print a swim test form. At a pool of your choice, ask a lifeguard to administer the swim test and sign the form. Bring the form to the first day of camp.

See the Forms page to download Swim Test form.

Learn-to-Row Camp #1

WHEN: June 19–23, 2017; 12-3 pm.
FEE: $250
LIMIT: 30 participants.
LOCATION: Jack London Aquatic Center (JLAC)
DETAILS: This camp provides a fun introduction to the sport of crew. Campers learn the basics from the Berkeley High coaches and also get to meet some of our current varsity student-athletes. This camp will focus on the development of basic rowing skills using rowing machines, our 16-person training barge, and 8-person racing shells.

Learn-to-Row Camp #2

WHEN: July 17–21, 2017; 12-3 pm.
FEE: $250
LIMIT: 30 participants.
LOCATION: Jack London Aquatic Center (JLAC)
DETAILS:  same as Learn-to-Row Camp #1

Learn-to-Row Camp #3
Camp #3 is f
or Advanced Beginners and New Rowers)

WHEN: August 21-25, 2017, 12-3 pm.
FEE: $250
LIMIT: 30 participants.
LOCATION: Jack London Aquatic Center (JLAC)
DETAILS: For new rowers and more advanced beginners. New rowers will focus on learning the basics, while our experienced campers will continue to develop their skills, learn more advanced technique, and begin working on fitness.

Returning Varsity Rower Camps (8-11am)

Varsity Camps are an opportunity for rowers and coxswains with at least one year of competitive rowing experience to continue developing their skills. They are a great time to work on both sweep and sculling technique and also include a strength and conditioning component.

Varsity Camp #1 - (Registration closes: CLOSED )

WHEN: June 19–23, 2017; 8 – 11 am @ JLAC
FEE: $150.
LIMIT: 50 participants.

Varsity Camp #2 - REGISTER (Registration closes: July 10 )

WHEN: July 17–21, 2017; 8 – 11 am @ JLAC
FEE: $150.
LIMIT: 50 participants.

Varsity Camp #3 - REGISTER (Registration closes: Aug 7 )

WHEN: August 21-25, 2017; 8 – 11 am @ JLAC
Student-athletes interested in racing with the Berkeley High team in the coming season are strongly encouraged to attend this camp.
FEE: $150.
LIMIT: 50 participants.


There are a certain number of ‘camperships’ available. Please email for details or further information.

In addition to Berkeley High Crew camps ….

Oakland Summer Youth Rowing

Summer Youth Rowing at Lake Merritt provides a great chance to get out on the water. Although run by BHS Crew Head Coach Chris Dadd (and staffed by BHS Crew rowers and coxswains), this is a separate series of camps sponsored by Lake Merritt Rowing Club. These may be attended as an alternative or supplement to the BHS-run summer camps, and provide beginning rowers with the same basic skill set.

Information about the Summer Youth Rowing program can be found at:


Contact Coach Chris Dadd:
510.637.9160 (call or text)

Established 1967.