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Thank You for Supporting BHS Crew @ Youth Nationals 2015!

The men's team at Youth Nationals 2015

The women's team at Youth Nationals 2015

Dear BHS Crew community,

In my official capacity as the president of the Berkeley Crew Board, the parent group fostering rowing at Berkeley High School, let me say a BIG THANK YOU for your donation to last June’s Youth Nationals fundraiser. Because of your timely generosity, we were able to transport the team’s four boats, eight yellow-tipped oars, nine nervous students and three slightly less nervous coaches to the other side of this great country, to claim Berkeley’s first national medal since 2011!

Here is where each of the BHS boats placed:

  • Men’s Ltwt 2x (Leon Maurer & Elliot Meldrum): 12th in the nation
  • Men’s 2x (Zach Alter & Val Fan): 17th in the nation
  • Women’s 2- (Lena Bertozzi & India Robinson): 2nd in the nation
  • Women’s 4+ (Chloe Schalit, Josie Beyer, Elisa Forbes, India Robinson & Lena Bertozzi): 7th in the nation

As a parent of one of the rowers who earned the trek, I must also thank you for giving our kids the chance to represent BHS on high school rowing’s biggest stage. Our boys & girls carried themselves with grace and confidence in the unrelenting Florida heat, shrugging off their underdog status to repeatedly challenge elite teams with significantly more funding. Irrespective of the impressive results, you would have been proud of your Yellow Jackets — on and off the water.

A few of us parents were fortunate enough to join the team for the event. As we ran alongside the course, shouting “Go Berkeley” and “Go Jackets”, I was amazed at how many folks added their own cheer of support. Perhaps they recognized our unique city, or wanted to rally one of the few public high schools that had made it this far. Whatever the reason, it felt good to be representing Berkeley High School as a parent too!

And here in October, as the days start to get colder and shorter, the team has already set its sights on the 2016 Youth National Championships in West Windsor, New Jersey. The coaches and kids have resumed their strenuous training schedule — 15+ hours per week on the Oakland Estuary, on the ergs and in the weight room. It will be another difficult journey, but I look forward to getting back to you with more great news next year.

A Silver Medal for the Women's Pair


Thanks again for supporting Berkeley High Crew!

Urgent Fundraising Appeal

Gold for the Women’s Pair
Gold for the Women’s Pair

After a STELLAR performance at the 2015 Southwest Youth Championships, seven members of Berkeley Crew (six rowers and one coxswain) earned the right to represent Berkeley High School in June at the YOUTH NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS in Sarasota, Florida!

2015-05-04_Lena_India_Josie_Chloe_Elisa_Gulliver_Ilyana_smallerAs one of the only PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOLS in the West with a varsity crew program, Berkeley competes against larger, better-funded, and better-equipped private schools and clubs. But compete, and WIN, they do!

IMG_7230_Gary_Orkin_cropped_coachesCrew is an expensive sport — boats and oars have to be purchased, maintained, stored, and transported. Student-athletes have to be coached, trained, and organized . Regattas charge entry fees, and the teams need food and drinks at every race. With as many as 100 rowers on Berkeley’s team, the costs add up quickly. Throw in airfare to Florida, the cost to transport our boats there, and accommodations for our seven medalists and coaches, and keeping the team going can be a challenge.

That’s why we’re asking for your support, by donating online or by sending a check (see below for address).

IMG_1456_sleepBerkeley Crew teaches kids the benefits of discipline and hard work. Crew is one of the most physically demanding sports there is (they say that in one two-kilometer race, which can last LESS THAN 7 MINUTES, a rower burns as much energy as a basketball player playing TWO FULL GAMES!!), and these kids work incredibly hard all year to get in shape and row fast.


Your GENEROUS SUPPORT will help Berkeley Crew continue to make rowing accessible to all students at Berkeley High School and compete with the FASTEST BOATS IN THE NATION. Please do what you can to SUPPORT BERKELEY CREW!

Thanks, and GO JACKETS!

Please help support our team and make a tax-deductible donation online here or send a check payable to Berkeley High Crew to P. O. Box 1012, Berkeley, CA 94701-1012.

Berkeley Crew is a 501(c)3 organization. Our Tax ID number is 94-2976226


Amid bustling holiday shopping, Berkeley High Crew’s annual Row-a-Thon took place Saturday, December 13 on Fourth Street in Berkeley. Eighty rowers and coxswains, from our novice, varsity, men’s and women’s teams, turned up to show off their might and rowed nearly 350,000 total meters on rowing machines or “ergs”. In addition to being our most important fundraiser, this year’s Row-a-Thon was a great chance for families and friends to see our student-athletes at work up close.  Spectators quickly got an idea of how much skill and finesse it takes to synchronize rowers in a boat and were able to appreciate what can be hard at times to see from shore: the strength, effort and stamina it takes to row!

Rowathon on Fourth Street

The Row-a-Thon (formerly known as the Erg-a-thon), raises funds to help keep rowing accessible to all Berkeley High students and to cover the considerable cost of boats and oars, travel to races, rent at our boathouse and other expenses. It is never too late to donate to the Row-a-Thon!

Berkeley Crew Rowathon Bake Sale
Parents stand guard over the bake sale.


Annual Row-a-thon Fundraiser

On December 13, 2014 Berkeley High Crew will hold its annual Row-a-thon Fundraiser in the 4th Street shopping area in Berkeley, CA.  This is one of the team’s largest fundraisers of the year, with donations helping to pay for student financial aid, boats, travel to races, equipment and other expenses.  The team’s goal is to row 400,000 meters on rowing machines, with each individual student rowing 4,000 meters (nearly 2.5 miles).

Please support Berkeley High Crew by making a donation to the 2014 Row-a-thon.

Please INCLUDE the name of the ROWER / COXSWAIN you are donating on behalf of in the checkout process. You will need to click on the “+” near “Name of Rower / Coxswain” on the final Review screen, before making the donation final.

Your support will help keep Berkeley High Crew strong, inclusive, and competitive.  Thanks for your support!