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2015 Holiday Sprints

Holiday_Sprints_2015_v2Berkeley High rowers, coxswains, coaches, and parents – past and present – will gather on Saturday, December 19 for our annual Holiday Sprints and Alumni Gathering.   The traditional 1,000-meter (or thereabouts!) races will start shortly after 9:00 AM and will be followed by brunch and an awards ceremony.

Alumni: Let us know you’re coming on Facebook.

Rowathon 2015

December 12th is our annual Row-a-Thon event, on Fourth St, Berkeley.

This is the team’s biggest fundraiser of the year.

The team sets up their rowing machines, or “ergs’, in the 4th Street shopping area in Berkeley, CA. The goal of rowing 400,000 meters on the ergs, means that each individual student rows 4,000 meters (nearly 2.5 miles). It is a fun way for the rowers and coxswains to participate and share with families and friends how crew has impacted them.

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Potluck & Parent Meeting

Two upcoming events …

Potluck – Saturday, Sep 26th
Parent Meeting – Tuesday Sep 29th

Potluck at the Boathouse

WHEN: Noon-2pm

WHERE: JLAC Boathouse.

WHO: All Novice and Varsity Families

WHAT: Potluck and special introduction for Novice parents from Gulliver, Team Director

WHAT TO BRING: (by families last name starting with …)
A-H: Main/Substantial Dish or something to grill
K-M: Fruit or Salad
N-R: Drinks
S-Z: Dessert

Eric and his famous grill will be in action. We’ll provide condiments and buns.

We’ll be setting up at 11am if you want to come and help!


Parent Meeting – 7pm, Tuesday, Sep 29th

WHERE: BHS Library

WHO: All Novice and Varsity Parents

WHAT: Start of the year all-hands parent meeting, with special Q&A for Novice parents.

As a Novice parent, if you have particular questions you want answered, please let know in advance, and they’ll be dealt with at the meeting.